I always loved Jay Leno´s personality. Enjoyed watching his show for many years, but watching him sharing his passion for unique cars through his Jay Leno´s garage show has been a blessing. It blew my mind hearing Jay referring to the Hispano Suiza Dubonnet Xenia built in 1938. Quote:” One of the most exciting cars ever made” “This is not my car sadly” “This belongs to Peter Mullin” Owner of the Mullin Automotive Museum.

When car collectors of their caliber and credibility, Jay bought his first car at 14 years old and now with more than 288 cars in his collection. Peter Mullin, a lifelong romance with automobiles. You hear them talking with such respect and admiration about a car and a brand, you simply know that we are in front of something really special.

Here we are in 2021, 117 years after Hispano Suiza was founded in hands of the fourth generation of the same family, being inspired by an iconic car built 84 years ago, inspired by an amazing woman, Carmen Mateu (1936-2018), granddaughter of the company’s founder, and mother of HS President. The “Carmen” script featured on the car is a direct representation of her signature. and also inspired by our love for our planet.

Using the latest technologies that I love and be able to offer this very unique collection to the world. Its a milestone that I will live in my heart forever.

Carlos Cuevas Olivar
Co-founder & CEO, Trillion Collection