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  • The super sporty electric Carmen is inspired by one of Hispano Suiza’s iconic 1930s designs, the Dubonnet Xenia. André Dubonnet launched a new and improved version of the Xenia in 1938, more powerful and with more aerodynamic bodywork. Sliding doors, an enveloping windscreen and futuristic lines. The Carmen, by Hispano Suiza, will be a modern representation of how the brand has evolved through time.

    The Hispano Suiza Project is about more than just selling cars or supercars; It is about dreams, about people who love what they do, about dreamers. Because dreams exist as long as there is someone who dreams them.

    We complete the customization of your car and deliver it in 7 to 9 months. It´s a super hyper electric car, but also a work of art.

    A unique masterpiece.

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